How to care for oily skin

oily Oil makes the skin feel sticky, sweaty and gives it an unattractive appearance.  Besides, dirt and dust get settled easily in oily skin.  Oily skin can be a result of hormonal activity or faulty skin care methods and diet.

To clean oily skin, use products that are specifically made for such type of skin.  For example, use face wash for oily skin or lotion that is oil free.  Wash your face 2-3 times a day.  Do not use a harsh soap to remove the oil and make the skin dry.  Use a face wash or mild solution only 2 times day.  Excessive washing can drain away the minerals and vital nutrients in the skin.

Use a cleansing solution or deep cleansing treatments to clean the pores of the skin.  It will also help to prevent acne.  Alternatively, use an anti bacterial soap.  If possible wash your face in hot water, since oil dissolves easily in hot water and opens the pores of the skin.  Cold water tends to lock the pores.

Use an oil free moisturizer or sunscreen.  Use cream or lotions that do not contain alcohol.  Choose make up suitable to your skin type, and use good quality products.

Wipe your face or dab it gently using tissue paper.  It absorbs oil easily.

Drink plenty of water as it flushes out toxins.  Drink lemon juice or fresh fruit juices.  Eat raw fruits and vegetables like tomato, cucumber, carrot and include green leafy vegetables in your meal.  Avoid deep fried items, sugary items like sweets, chocolates, junk food, salty food, butter, cheese etc.

To treat oiliness, add few drops of lavender extract or cologne in bathing water.  It controls oil and refines the pores.  You can also dab your face with cotton balls dipped in lavender extract or solution of lemon and cucumber.

Applying juice of tomato or paste of papaya or strawberries are also effective remedies for treating oily skin.


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