How to care for face and hair while swimming

swic Swimming pool water contains chlorine.  Exposure to such water for long time makes the hair and skin dry and dull.  In some cases, it also leads to discolouration of hair.  Besides, there is also a risk of catching bacterial infections, ear-nose-throat infection or other respiratory problems.

Hair and Skin Care Tips

While going out to swim, as much as possible, try to go during morning hours or evening, when the sun is not up.  It will help in preventing sunburn and tan.

Apply a sunscreen lotion before entering the pool.  Use a sunscreen of atleast SPF 30.  You can use a sunscreen of higher SPF for better protection against tan.  Apply the lotion atleast 20-30 minutes prior to swimming, since it has to get absorbed into the skin.

Cover your head with a bathing cap so that the contact between hair and water is minimum and negative effects can be reduced.  Wear goggles so that the pool water does not enter the eyes.

Moisturize the hair before going into the pool, by applying it on wet hair.  This will prevent absorption of chlorine, and reduce dryness.  You can also use hair products with UV protection or sunscreen properties while going to beaches.

While in the pool, take the best care to avoid gulping water.  It has ill effects due to the presence of chemicals as well as other harmful insects or bacteria.

After stepping out of the pool, rinse your body and hair thoroughly in fresh water.  Use an anti bacterial soap to clean the body.  Dab and dry the skin, rather than rubbing it with the towel.  Apply a moisturizing lotion to prevent dryness.

Similarly, rinse the hair thoroughly using a good shampoo, and use a conditioner to prevent dryness and breakage of hair.  Do not comb wet hair.  Let it dry naturally rather than using heat based devices for drying.  Go for a deep conditioning treatment for your hair regularly.


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