How to buy your first guitar

git If you are buying a guitar for the first time, you need to make a good choice so that you enjoy playing the instrument, feel attached to it and value it.  Guitar is a priced possession for a guitar lover, and a guitar brought after considerable thought and exploration can give you the satisfaction of possessing the guitar you feel is best suited to you. 

First time buyers may take the advise of their teachers about the quality or maker they could rely on.  You can also take the guidance of a person who is a guitarist or has been playing guitar for a long time.  Get to know the names of reputed guitar manufacturers or shops selling guitar.

Go to the shop personally to buy it.  Do not just let your parents or teacher buy it for you.  You need to feel the guitar that you will own, so that you enjoy playing it.  Choose a guitar that fits your size.  Keep it in the normal position in which you play the guitar, and check out if it is comfortable or too large or small for you.

Decide which type of guitar you would like to use.  There are varieties of guitar like acoustic or electric guitar.  Choose the instrument of your liking.  The choice of instrument will also depend upon your style of playing.  If you like to play the classical music, country music or soulful music, acoustic guitar will be helpful.  However, if your interest is in rock, pop or jazz style, an electric guitar will be the best.

Again, you can choose the guitar based on whether you are inclined to become a rhythm guitarist or a solo/lead player.  If you are more inclined to playing notes rather than chords, an electric guitar may be suitable, as you can make a lot of improvisations on the notes you play.  You can practice sliding techniques, vibrations, blues and jazz in an electric guitar.

Choose also the colour and finishing for your guitar.  Also listen to some guitar instruments, and choose depending upon the tone that each guitar produces.  For example, some guitars are loud, and others may have a low but pleasant tone.


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