How to Buy Toys for a Newborn

ba Buying toys for a newborn will depend on your understanding of what sort of toys he or she will need. Many try out soft toys and some may prefer a toy that would help the child in its mental and physical development. Here are a few suggestions that you may like to follow while choosing a toy for your newborn.

Choose Something Colorful

Newborn babies respond better to colors. It will be best if you can buy something colorful for him. The brighter the color the better because they will attract your child even more. It is generally seen that a child’s power to see is not very powerful but they respond better if you bring a brightly colored thing.

Sound Effect

Sound is another quality that attracts a newborn. He will definitely react to something that makes noise or plays music. You can go for a musical toy that also has a bright color. This way you will engage both these senses of the child.


A child will like a moving car or a walking doll more than a steady doll. If the car moves slowly it will intrigue the child even more. So take care of this small detail while shopping for toys. There are many toys that will satisfy this quality. You can also turn on your music player and it will immediately get your child’s attention.

Soft Toys

Choose some soft toys because they are safe. Your child will not get hurt while playing with them. He will not suffer from any accidental cuts or bruises. Read the label of the toy while buying. This will tell you how safe it is for your child.

Cost of Toys

With age your child’s preference for toys will also change. And this is quite natural. It is better not to spend too much. You will find many of your preferred toys at a much reasonable rate. Parents can make some flash cards with the pictures of various items and animals on them. Make sure that the cards are brightly colored. These will be easy to make and cheaper too.


These too work well in pacifying the baby. If you can buy a musical one then the effect would be even greater.

We are sure that these tips will help you very much to buy the ideal gift for your newborn sweetheart.


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