How to buy products online safely?

bpon With the advent of internet, online marketing and shopping have come to play a vital role in the lives of the consumers. Most of customers prefer to make purchases online it is convenient, saves much time and is more economical.

But so far as the safety issues are concerned, there is much apprehension. There have been so may instances when users were tricked into disclosing their credit or debit card details only to discover later that some fraudster has managed to take all their money.

Go through some of the tips given below to ensure that the transaction is done safely:

a.    Ensure that you do not leave the computer unsupervised while you shop online. Safety can be maintained by using a credit card for making payments.

b.    Maintain a printed record of all your online transactions.

c.    Check if you have logged out properly once the sales or purchase is made. Make a note of post sales policy and correct contact information incase of discrepancy in the future.

d.    Cross check the reputation of sellers from whatever sources available at your end such as the internet and also the local state or local consumer protection agency. Credit cards holders have the right to dispute in case of unauthorized charges on their credit card.

e.    Never enter any personal information asked by any pop up. Legitimate online companies do not ask for any kind of personal information via such screens. Install software that blocks such pop-ups so that your system can keep scam mails at bay.

f.    Install spyware-antivirus software to protect your system from hackers and unwanted advertisers, who wish to misuse personal information provided by you.

g.    Avoid downloading files from vague unsolicited emails.

h.    Never give any information about your social security number to any of the online retailers as this has nothing to do with your online purchases.

Bhrat Brij

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