How to buy a piano

Ear-soothing notes of piano not only helps you pour your heart out through its music but also brighten ups the mood, when played. If you are a piano enthusiast who wants to adorn your living room with this melodious instrument, this will make an interesting read for you.

Before you buy a piano plan about certain things, including:

You want to purchase a new or used piano. What’s your budget? What will be its maintenance cost? What is the prevailing tutorial rate, in case you don’t know how to play it?

These questions may sound simple but they are vital to be answered before making a purchase.

New / Used

It is advisable to go with a seasoned pianist to purchase a piano, whether you want to buy an old or a new piano. A piano can be in good shape even after decades. It depends how well it has been taken care of. So, there is no harm in buying a used piano if it plays good music. However, you will have to ensure proper and timely care.

In case you want to buy a new one, chalk out the features that are ‘must have’ in your budget.


Though a piano is costlier than usual musical instruments, it makes a good investment as far as returns are concerned. Determine how much you can spend on it, then look in for best features that will in this budget.


Check how much space you can dedicate to piano in your house. Get the one that fits and adorns your living space. The range starts from 5 feet and goes up to 10 feet. Top 10


Check for warranty of the piano; also, if it is inclusive of repairs and maintenance It’s good to confirm the bench prices and delivery charges before confirming the order.


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