How to buy a mobile

bmo Buying a right mobile can get confusing due to variety of models available these days.  Various reputed companies offer mobiles with host of features, trendy designs, various accessories and models.  The pricing is also competitive.  Your choice of mobile should essentially depend upon the kind of facilities that you need and the price range/budget you have fixed. 

Make a list of facilities that you would like your mobile handset to have.  For example, do you want a camera, a video and voice recorder, music offered by radio stations or an MP3 player?  Do you want to install the bluetooth or infrared facility to transfer music or other data from other mobile phones?

Check the memory or storage capacity the mobile has, the durability of the battery and the functions it offers, like setting ringtones, vibrating and silent ringing mode, messaging features etc.  Consider if you want a GPRS enabled mobile or mobile that allows you the access the internet and will enable you to check your emails.

Also consider the style or look of the piece before buying it.  You may want to choose mobiles that are trendy and have a glamorous appeal.  Also, consult friends or check the mobile reviews online before you select a model.  Get to know more about the mobile models available in the market, and be updated with the upcoming models too, so that you do not miss out on anything.  Go for a good quality product.

Get a feel of the piece you are going to buy by handling it, keeping it in your pocket etc.  If you feel that the mobile suits you perfectly in terms of its shape, height and weight, you can go for it.  Sometimes it so happens that you may like the model on seeing it, however, when you hold it, you may feel it to be heavy, and may prefer to have a sleeker and compact model.


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