How to Buy a Guitar

If you are a guitar enthusiast, who wants to buy one but hardly know what to pick, we will help you in this tedious task.

Start shortlisting from the options available. The first and the foremost question is whether you want to learn an electric, classic guitar or steel-string acoustic guitar. Once you have made your choice, move on to the budget for buying it. It’s advisable to buy neither a very cheap or too expensive guitar at the beginners level. Cheap ones have no resale value. While the too expensive one may have extra functions, and will be too complicated for a beginner.


Acoustic guitars help in learning freely than electric guitars as there if no hassle of amplifiers and cords. Though they are harder to play but quick to learn instruments.

They are of further of two types:


A classical guitar comes with nylon strings that plays a rounder, smoother tone. Beginners often prefer nylon strings as they are soft on fingers and provide provide more sound control than steel strings. So, you can initially practice on it and then graduate to steel strings.


This steel-string acoustic guitar is most popular for pop music. There steel strings play a thick, vibration-y sound. You often notice singers playing them at pubs and bars.

You need to have firm fingers to strike the notes as it may hurt to play on this guitar initially. However, if it pleases more to your ears than nylon guitar, buy it.


Electric guitars are a rage as they are easy to play you can amplify the effect using cords and amplifiers. This also means shelling out more than on regular acoustic guitar. It you have passion for pop and rock music that involves more guitar usage you may even choose to begin learning guitar with an electric one.


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