How to Buy a Guard Dog

dogg Guard dogs are important for the security of your home and family members. They are the most faithful bodyguards that you can ever have. Some of the good guard dog breeds include Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Bull Mastiffs and Chow Chows. We are providing you a checklist that will help you in buying a dependable guard dog.

Your Requirements

Once you have a good idea about what you want your dog to protect you can make a better choice. You might want the dog to guard your house or showroom. So, if you know you can pick up the dog that would be right for this kind of protection. You should also know what you would expect your dog to do. If you choose a barking dog it would bark to frighten the intruder or alert you. You can also buy a chaser that will really attack the intruder.

Know about Breeds

We have already mentioned some of the good guard dog breeds. You can find even more about them, about what they can do and how alert they are from the Internet. If you can establish contact with a good dog breeder then he will also give you some more information on this. Moreover, a good guard dog has the right balance of aggression and energy. Avoid buying a dog that is too aggressive.

Know Your Budget

Like any other purchase you should have a fair idea of your budget while buying a guard dog. Remember, a dog is a long time investment so you should also keep in mind the maintenance cost. Once you know your requirements and budget you will be able to focus on the right breed.

Contact a Breeder

You should buy your dog from a breeder who has a very good reputation in this filed. A good breeder will have a puppy that will have the right kind of instinct and will give good response to training.

Know the Legalities

There are specific breeds that are banned in some countries. It is always wise to know the law of a country where the dog will live. Some countries do not permit dogs like Pit Bull Terriers.

These rules will help you buying the right guard dog that will protect from trespassers and burglars.


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