How to Buy a Cello

cello Every good musician will also stress on the quality of the instrument they are playing. If you are passionate about cell and want to buy one it is always beneficial to invest your money wisely.

If you keep the following tips in mind while purchasing a cello you may get a good deal.

Make of the Cello

The quality of your cello will depend a lot on the wood that it is made of. Avoid buying cellos that are machine built. Always go for cellos that are hand carved. They assure good sound. The best wood for a cello is either maple or spruce. You should also make sure of the fingerboard and the tuning pegs. Ideally these offer best service when if made of rosewood. Before you finalize the deal make sure of the quality of the strings, sound post, bass bar and the craftsmanship.

Cost of a Cello

Cellos are costly. It is quite difficult to find any decent cello under the price tag of 1000 dollars. This price, however, does not include the bow. It is advised that you do not compromise with quality just to save money. A good cello will prove a good bargain in the long run.

Size of a Cello

This depends on the height of the player. There is a way to check if the cello is just perfect for you. Sit straight on a chair placing your feet firmly on the ground. Now you have to hold the cello at a 45-degree angle. Check if the top of the instrument is touching your chest. You should also see the position of the C string peg. Ideally it should be closer to your left ear. If your cello satisfies all these requirements then it has just the right size for you.

Brand Value

It is not necessary to buy a cello of a famous brand. You can do a research on the Internet and see which brand will suit your needs. You can also talk to the cello sellers and they will give you some useful inputs.

Be Sure of Your Interest

You are investing a lot of money and it does make sense to verify whether your interest in cello is a passing whim. It is better if you can ask a friend of yours to rent you a cello for a few days or weeks. This will help you understand your love for the instrument. This advice is more important for students who have just started to take cello lessons.

Age of a Cello

Various experts say that an old cello has better sound quality than the newer one. The reason behind this is the hardening of the wood that happens with age. But old cellos also run the risk of having more repairs. So, take a close look at the cello, its age and appearance before buying it.

Ask Your Teacher

If you are already taking cello lessons then you can ask your teacher to guide you in buying a quality cello. He may tell you some place where you will get a gem at an affordable price.

Just be watchful while buying a cello and do some market survey.


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