How to built teepee

teepee The cone-shaped native American teepees make are pretty exciting to watch. These homes stand steady and tall in all weathers. These days they make a usual site in museums. How about making one for your lawn? It will be an interesting site in your lawn, where you can rest and enjoy the nature amidst wind, snow and even rainfall (provided it’s water proof). You can even enjoy a bonfire in teepees! But to avoid smoke to choke the tent, use dry wood.

The bigger and taller the teepee the more comfortable it is to enjoy a bonfire in it. It will accommodate more people and give more space to sit and play around. Usual size is 12 feet. However, keep it according to your lawn area. While picking the material, just ensure quality is not compromised. Here are some tips:

Water proof material 25 square yards (it can be starched muslin, flannel, cotton)

Poles 12 (14 feet high)

Pegs 12

Clothesline 100 feet



Take the 25 yards of flannel, cotton, muslin per the weather in your area or per your choice to make the upper layer of the tent. You can make it waterproof with a canvas covering. Also, place the canvas especially at the top so that during snow and rains, you ensure water or snow does not enter the tent.

As you also have the privilege of bonfire in the tent, generally, a teepee has a hole at the top. It allows the bonfire smoke to move out freely. You need to place a flexible rod in the hem edge to lend a circular shape to it. Tie the cloth with the pole firmly with thick ropes.

To make the teepee sustain all weather conditions, you need poles that are as high as 14 feet. And, at the top just make the poles 2 inches thick. Pick the ones that are strong, slender and without much nodes. They will be firm and strong to built a teepee.


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