How to Build Strong Bones

bones You are as strong as your bones. Bone strength is core strength. Bones form the framework that supports the body. It provides the body the ability for movement. It supports muscles, tissue, and vital organs. The bone needs to be fortified to prevent osteoporosis, which is the loss of bony tissue that leads to weak and porous bones.

Weak bones are the ones that are deficient in calcium. Bones can also weaken if they don’t have adequate vitamin D. So how can you build strong bones? Here’s how.

– Start of with a diet program that includes all bone-density enhancing foods. The better way would be to eat natural food rather than take calcium supplements. The best source for a calcium-rich liquid food is milk. Milk is high in calcium at almost 300mg.

Yogurt is also an excellent source for in taking natural calcium, and has a higher calcium level than milk. You can also drink soymilk, which interestingly has higher calcium content than milk. Although cheese is also a natural source of calcium, it has a lot of calories. Therefore it is better if it is taken in moderation.

– Vegetables and fruits deter bone-density abrasion by neutralizing the acidity created when the body absorbs meat.  They prevent vital minerals from the bone from being extracted to even-up the acidity caused due to food.

– Eating a regular diet of broccoli and turnip greens will also suffice the need for a calcium-rich diet.

– Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D. In areas with less sunlight, food sources can compensate for it. The food sources rich in vitamin D are all fatty fish like salmon, sardines, cod etc. You can also turn to cereals, fruit juices or any other product that comes with added vitamin D.

– Do plenty of free exercises. Utilize your own body weight to do weight training. Do a lot of aerobic exercise.

– Get a lot of morning sun on your body.


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