How to build friendship and make it lasting

ffo Making friends is not a silly task. In your day to day life you see a number of people. Among them there will be some whom you really like and wish to make your friend. But to be friends it is very much essential that the other person too is happy in your company. Only if you are jovial, people will be attracted towards you.

Keep a smile on your face: A smile reflects your pleasant nature. When you meet someone greet them with a warm smile. This will make the other person feel happy as well as interested in you. Smile shows your happiness and people are more attracted towards happy individuals than dull ones.

Learn to cheer up others: You may often find that the people that you come across are not so cheerful at the first meeting. Do not be worried of this. Cheer them up with some interesting joke or giving them any positive compliment.

Be a good listener: If you can be a good listener you surely can be a good friend. A friend should be able to listen to what the other person has to share. Listening to what others have to say makes an impression that you are interested in them as well as their affairs.

Be generous: Generosity is an admirable quality in friendship. It shows the openness of your heart. Nobody will like to have a selfish friend who minds only her business without taking care of others. Remember if you want a lasting friendship, you need to be generous.

Make interesting conversation: Choose such a topic to talk about that both the friends are equally interested in. Do not make them bored by talking on something that he or she does not even know. Always try to share your interest so that the other remains entertained in your company.


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