How to build a successful team

team Organizations are faced with the task of building successful teams that deliver results on a consistent basis. The success of a team reflects how well the individual components or members of the team have aligned themselves to the objectives of the team. Team building is a process of continuous improvement. Here’s how to build a successful team.

Expectations – Set clear-cut expectations to the team members. Define performance parameters and outcomes. Make the team members understand the creation of these expectations and how they will benefit the team and the organization.

Commitment – Team members will display commitment only if they perceive value in their work. They are also motivated by professional growth. Address these factors.

Ability – A team’s ability is the integrated ability of the team members. Be sure to identify abilities of members. It’s all about having the right person for the right job.

Democracy – The team members should be given a degree of freedom to ideate and incorporate their value additions. However, there should also be a control system that disallows abuse of freedom.

Cooperation – A collaborative atmosphere should be inculcated into the team. The team members should be encouraged to work together and get results without losing out on their individualities. They should be able to come to solutions, improve processes, set goals, define performance measurements while working as a cohesive unit. There should also be self-regulated team-conflict resolution systems.

Feedback – Team members should be ready to receive feedback from peers. They should also be clear about their tasks, so that it does not give rise to a situation of tasks overlapping with each other’s.

Innovation – A culture of innovation has to be germinated. The team members should be spurred to think innovatively and radically. They should be suitable rewarded for making improvements, positive changes, up gradations, better business practices etc.

Accountability – Each member should be given a sense of ownership and accountability for the team cause. They should be provided with responsibilities and expected to respect their provinces.


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