How to build a solar greenhouse

Lush solar greenhouse is a dream that may sound both money and time investing. The outcome in terms of greenery and visual bliss make it worth the effort. By gaining some knowledge about solar greenhouse you are sure to drain less energy in building it. Begin with a self-analysis; ask yourself whats the need for a solar greenhouse at your place.

Purpose of Solar Greenhouse

If gardening is your passion and you want to practise the best methods; or you wanna beautify your farm house with an aesthetic green living decor. Believe me, the two are entirely different view points.

If you wanna have green house for visual delight then light and space should be your focus. There should be proper sitting area amidst the greenhouse for you sit and relax.
Plant floral spieces and colourful leafy plants that are suitable and native to soil in your area. It will ensure flowers, fragrance and light in your solar greenhouse.

However, if you wanna greenhouse blooming with the best of plants and inculcate a good environment, it calls for trapping warmth to nurture plants. Moreso, if you want to relish the vegetables grown in your own solar greenhouse. Then, there will be less of beautiful layout, and more of farming-friendly environment.

How to gain maximum solar energy
A south facing solar greenhouse ensures more solar energy trapping. Especially if you have a limited space to build a solar greenhouse, this direction can be really useful in trapping maximum energy in a minimum area. At night you need to restrict opening and entering the greenhouse so regulate the energy loss.

Monitor temperature
Monitor the temperature regularly. Temperature should not fluctuate too often. It can hamper the plant growth. Also, it should neither be too hot nor too cold for a comfortable survival and plant growth.

Supplement heat
In extreme cold weathers you will have to provide supplemental heat.


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