How to Build a House in Thiruvananthapuram

hbh You need to buy a minimum 5 cents of land to build a comfortable house in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala State, India. Try to purchase the land in a good location. You will be able to sell the house at attractive rate, if you construct in a good location.

Approach a good architect in the city for your building plan. Don’t approach inexperienced people to draw your building plan. You have to invest large amount to construct the building.

You can get a loan from the state run banks for house construction at reasonable interest rates. Selecting a good plan is always better and fetches you attractive amount when you sell it.

Labor charges are on the higher side in Kerala when comparing with other states. So, seek the help of a good civil engineer to obtain a rough estimate. Organize all the works related to the construction on your own.

You need to approach the city corporation office for your plan approval. It is a time consuming process. It is better to entrust this job to the local engineer.

You need to get good labors to construct the house. You need to pay Rs 300 per day for each laborer. You need to arrange cement, bricks and sand to commence construction work. Each brick costs about Rs 4. You need to pay Rs 12000-16000 for a truck load of sand.

You can get good quality cement from the local stores. You can either hire autos or arrange with shop owner to deliver the cement at your work location. You need to buy good quality wood from the local timber mills for doors and windows. You can procure the necessary iron from the local store at reasonable prices.

You can either dig a well or get a sanction from the kerala Water Authority (KWA) for water. KWA charges more amount for construction purposes. You can later convert it into a domestic connection. You also need to get electricity connection at a later stage from KSEB.

Carefully monitor all the activities from start to finish with patience to complete your dream home. You seek the advice of an architect at each stage.

Approach the corporation to get the TC number for your house.

You can also approach local contractors to build a house for you. They may charge higher and use inferior quality items.


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