How To Brush Your Hair

brushh You need to brush your hair everyday and you cannot skip this routine. However, you should know how to brush your hair in the right manner if you want your hair to shine with health. You will be able to prevent unnecessary hair breakage and manage hair well if you brush properly. Prior to brushing your hair, make sure that you buy the right hair brush.

How to Select a Hair Brush

While selecting a hair brush you should make sure that the hair bristles are made by using natural bristles with nicely rounded tips. That will make it easier to brush. The brush should have a lightweight wooden or rubber handle that provides a tight and firm grip.

You should never opt for brushes with nylon bristles. They may be cheap but you cannot brush hair nicely with them. Your hair will get tangled if you use these brushes. Make sure that the bristles are equal in size and are provided with soft rubber tips.

Steps for Proper Brushing

You should first comb your hair with a wide toothed comb to get rid of tangles. After that, brush your hair using firm strokes. Start from the roots and brush until the tips. While brushing your hair you actually help in increasing blood circulation, which is good for the scalp and hair.

To brush easily, you can divide your hair into many portions. This will also make your hair look neat and clean. Don’t aim to brush very long hair in a single stroke as you will break your hair. After you finish brushing your hair you should bend over and then brush your hair from the neck to the head. Don’t try to brush wet hair since the hair roots become very weak when wet. Make sure that you always use a clean brush to avoid scalp diseases.


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