How to Bring Color to Black Hair

blak Black hair is easy to brighten up, but difficult at the same time. Everything goes with black, but changing your hair color from black to something else can be a bit of a hardship. It is harder to find a color to suit you as well as black did.  Some people want to change their hair color completely, from black to blonde or brown. That is one choice; however, you can also just brighten up your face with a few color streaks.

When trying out color streaks, you can choose from a vast variety of different colors. Each color will look different on each individual because of body and facial features, as well as skin tone and skin type. If you want to find the best for you, use hair dye remover and try all colors. This will allow you to see which colors look better on you, in which situation, with which hair style. Whatever you choose, try a washable dye in case you don’t like the results.

An important note is that you cannot just dye your whole head a different color after having it black. Looking alright on one person has no bearing on how it looks on you. Only a certain type of person can usually pull off going from black to blonde.

Below are the proper steps to color your black hair and make it “pop” with vibrant colors!

Steps to Apply Color:

• Read directions thoroughly. Not all dyes are the same.

• Take a small amount and test out the color, so you can guarantee it’s the color you were looking for.

• Mix the color and developer for the hair solution, after putting on the gloves to protect your skin.

• Make sure your hair is dry before applying the dye.

• Part hair into sections before applying the dye. Most individuals do this after they’ve already started, which can be messy.

• When applying the dye, start with the roots and work down toward the ends of your hair.

• Continue coloring until you’ve covered every strand.

• Upon completion of adding the “new you,” to your hair, make sure you wrap it up in plastic wrap on top of your head. It is important that it sits on your head.

• Write down or note the time when you finish, and wait until the time in the directions has passed.

• Now thoroughly rinse the dye out until the water runs clear. Do not shampoo your hair. Wash your hands!


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