How to Break Up

b1 Breaking up a relationship is not easy. It is a painful experience, but sometimes it is the only option. One can break up without being means or nasty.

This is to make sure that you do not leave with bitterness in your heart. This article will tell you not only about how to break up but how to break up with decency.

Think before You Break

Think clearly, and think calmly before you inform your partner about your decision. Consider whether break up is the only way out and if there are any other options. Think why you have to take this decision. However, once you have decided to end the relationship you should not wait too long to inform about it to your partner.


Now this is the time to inform your partner. It would be better if you know how to break the news.  You can choose a holiday or weekend for this talk because none of you will be busy. You might have to explain the reason behind this decision to your partner and this explaining cannot be done in hurry. Do not send text messages or break up over the phone. A face-to-face chat is the best way.

No Blame Game Please

Do not start blaming your partner for the break up. The relationship did not work out for both of you and that is the fact. Explain him your perspective. You would also have to listen to what he has to say, but stay out of any confrontation. Avoid any allusion to old fights and missed birthdays. Getting angry is another serious no no.

Gentle but Firm

Once you have reached a decision to break up then you should stick to it. Give your needs the priority and attention that they deserve, but you also have to understand that it is also tough for your partner. So, be gentle with him or her.

Friends Forever

This is a question that you both have to decide. Do you want to continue meeting each other only as friends without expecting anything more? If you think that this may not be that simple then you should part companies forever.

Move On

Once you have broken the relationship you should move on with your life. Do not peep into the life of your ex to see if he is involved in any new relationship. If you have decided no to communicate in future then respect that and do not send any text messages or call him or her up.

Remember, breaking up is the last resort. Embrace it only when all other possibilities are wasted. Good luck.


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