How to benefit from water

waterbenefit Water is an essential part of our body.  It helps to maintain the body temperature and balance.  It is essential for functioning of vital systems.  Water also is an excellent solvent and helps in diluting acids and fats.  Water also helps to flush out the toxins from our body, and is a contributor to health and fitness.

It boosts the supply of oxygen in the body, helps in effective functioning of the cells, especially the brain.  It also helps in the metabolism process.  Consuming a glass of warm water in the morning, on empty stomach, can provide relief.  It eases the bowel movement and can be of help in providing relief from constipation, as it eases/softens the stools.

Consumption of water is important mainly in the summer season to prevent dehydration and maintaining the body temperature.  It can also help in reducing hypertension/high blood pressure.

Consuming a glass of water mixed with honey and lemon juice, early in the morning on empty stomach can help in weight loss.

A hot bath during winter or a cold bath during summer, after a tiring and stressful day at workplace can provide immense relief.  It helps to reduce the stress and tension levels.  It can refresh the mind and body, and make you feel relaxed and calm.  It also energises the body and elevates the mood.

External exposure to water in the form of water sports is also beneficial for health.  Water sports like swimming or aerobic exercises can be pursued as a hobby or for fitness. These exercises are good for weight loss and toning the body, especially the hip and thigh region.  It burns calories faster due to the pressure exerted by water.

Water based exercises also are helpful incase of leg injury, since the pressure on feet in not high due to the thrust of water.  These exercises can provide relieve from stiffness of neck, backache, tiredness, and can help in overcoming depression.


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