How to benefit from vitamin E

vitamin-e Vitamin E has lots of benefits for health care and also skin care.  Food rich in vitamin E includes, poultry products like fish, egg yolk, and peanut, margarine, wheat germ, vegetable oil and citrus fruits, and nuts.

Vitamin E acts as an anti oxidant.  It helps in improving the supply of oxygen in the body and brain.  It helps in improvement of memory and is known to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.  Liver, egg yolk and fish are rich sources of vitamin E and help in improving retention capacity.

Vitamin E also helps in prevention of diabetes, as the sources of vitamin E are low in sugar content, and are also highly water soluble.  It is beneficial for people with sugar problem.  It keeps the blood pressure under control by lowering the blood sugar level.

It is known to have properties to prevent asthma, as it boosts oxygen supply in the body.  It plays a role in prevention of cataract too, as it protects the inner eye tissues.  In addition, it can reduce the pain some women experience during menstruation.

Vitamin E works wonders for the skin too.  It is a skin protecting agent and is a part of lotions and creams.  Vitamin E applied externally gets easily absorbed into the skin, and nourishes the skin from within.  It reduces the loss of water from the skin and keeps it hydrated and supple.  It is an effective remedy for preventing dryness and roughness of skin.

It also protects the skin from harmful ultra violet radiation, dust and pollution.  It prevents sunburn and is also known to prevent skin cancer.  It has also properties to reduce stretch marks and age spots.  It has anti ageing properties and prevents formation of wrinkles and fine lines on the facial skin.  Applying a face mask containing vitamin E can make the skin appear fresh and healthy.


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