How to benefit from teamwork

twe The saying goes, ‘what one can do, two can do better’.  Today teamwork is the most popular and productive form of work.  Most organizations follow this style of functioning rather than individual style of functioning.  Working in a team has many benefits for the organization. 

Teamwork helps to promote a feeling of togetherness and belonging among employees.  The team works as a support system and also as a pressure group.  The team members can help out each others in times of difficulty or emergency.  At the same time, members also exert pressure on each other to improve their performance and fulfill the goals of the team.

It helps in improving the overall efficiency and productive of the employees.  There is sharing of work and delegation of responsibility to each member.  Every member knows the scope and responsibilities of the work assigned to him or her, and sticks to it.  Each member therefore, specializes in one component of entire work process and becomes an expert in it.

There is also reduced burden on each employee due to this.  There is also accountability, as each member has a fixed responsibility and authority.

The team also acts as a shock absorber.  It is very helpful in calming down and pacifying a team member who feels frustrated and is unable to carry on with his/her work and feels a need for support and encouragement.  The team can be a good source for absorbing the member’s grievances and helping him/her to deal with it.

Working in the team also makes the workplace interesting and fun loving.  There is fun, enjoyment, enthusiasm, as well of seriousness of work.  It leads to a conducive working atmosphere and adds to the happiness quotient of employees in the organization.

A team can together take the burden of pending work, put in extra hours, overtime etc in case the work pressure is more.  They assist the members who have higher work load and help each others in times when there is too much work.

A team also helps the organization in tiding over difficult situations or in meeting  deadlines, due to the togetherness and common sense of purpose the members share.


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