How to benefit from swimming

bosw Swimming is a very good exercise for overall fitness.  It improves the physical health and helps in mental well being by relieving stress and tension.  It is also an enjoyable and fun filled activity, and can be pursued as a hobby.

It can be great stress buster and an ideal option to beat the summer heat.  It is a healthy sport that can be followed across various age groups (like toddlers, teens, young and adults).

Swimming is good stress buster.  After a tiring day, few laps in the cool swimming pool can be very refreshing and rejuvenating.  It reduces the tired, exhausted and drained feeling.  It adds to your stamina and energy.  An early morning swim can drive away the lethargic and dull mood.  It can re-energize you and fill you with energy and enthusiasm.

Water also has a therapeutic value and can calm you down.  It reduces the tension, pent up feelings, frustration, tightness of muscles and rigidity of body.  It has a calming effect on the mind, and makes you feel relaxed and composed.  It can also help in beating depression, dullness, restlessness and irritated mood.

Swimming can be an excellent sport for toning the muscles, reducing flab and building stamina.  For those who want to reduce flab in the abdomen and thigh region, swimming can be an excellent activity to achieve the desired body.

Swimming requires lot of muscle movement in the hip, arms and abdomen region.  So you get a perfectly toned body by swimming.  In addition, it also exercises the neck region, and prevents stiffness and backache problems.

Swimming also regulates breathing and improves your respiratory functioning.  It improves the supply of oxygen in the body too.  It is also known to strengthen the heart, prevent cardiovascular problems and coronary heart disease.

It improves the mind and body co-ordination as the leg movement, hand movement and breathing have to be in sync with each others.


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