How to benefit from summer camp for kids

summercamp Summer camps can be very beneficial for kids.  It is a welcome change from the daily pressures of attending school, following up with the homework and finding little time for social interaction and adventure.  It can be a way for the kids to spend their summer holidays, and get memorable experiences for their life. 

Summer camps are a safe way for the kids to enjoy, get refreshed, and get some adventure and fun into their lives.  Camps do not involve very risky or hazardous activity, so the physical health of the child is not compromised upon.  The mental health of the kid also improves due to recreation, creative activity, fun games, exposure to natural environment and meeting new friends.

It can be a good pace for kids to improve their social interaction.  Kids meet other/unknown kids, and start to communicating, learn more about them, get to know the difference in culture and lifestyle, and learn to accept differences.  They learn to form a bond by interacting with many people, and may lose the fear of talking to people.

They learn to behave in a team.  They can also take positions in leadership and team building.  It also improves their adaptability as they learn to adjust to different circumstances and develop compatibility with other kids.  They can learn to become independent, and gain confidence and self-esteem.

Summer camps also keep the kids active and energetic.  By going on treks, exercising, walking and following a fixed schedule the children learn discipline, and develop an active mind and body.  It takes away the feeling of boredom that is experienced due to lack of planned activity during summer holidays.

Children also get exposed to a new environment, see new species of plants and creatures.  They bond with the environment and learn to love and take care of it.  It can be a good time to teach children the importance of preserving environment and inculcating awareness among them.  They also experience peace and tranquility by their closeness with nature.


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