How to benefit from raisins

rai Raisins contain various minerals and vitamins.  It is a good source of minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. 

It contains zinc and sodium in low quantities.  It is a source of vitamin B, C, K and thiamin, niacin and riboflavin.  It contains proteins, dietary fibre and folates.

Raisins have many health benefits.  It is also a component of various food preparations for garnishing and sweetness.  It can be included to make delicious desert items too.

It has anti oxidants and blood cleaning properties.  It helps to prevent cardio vascular blockages or ailments in the long run.  It is a good source of energy and helps to build muscles and strength.  It also adds to the bone density.

It is beneficial for women to prevent and combat osteoporosis.  It also improves the iron content and can be used in treating conditions like anemia.  It is beneficial for growing children, sports persons and people indulging in heavy physical work.

It protects the eyesight.  It is helpful in oral hygiene, as it helps in preventing tooth decay and keeps the gums healthy.

The dry fruit can be added to rice preparations that are spicy, so that raisins can add a tinge of sweetness to the food without changing the taste and flavour of the meal.  It can be added to vegetable salad for a slight sweet taste.  It can be used with fruit salads or custard based preparations.

It can be added to the table nuts like almonds, peanuts, walnuts etc or can be consumed directly.  It can help in case of craving to eat sweets.  It can be used as a topping or decoration for large cakes or sweet items.  It can be added to the cereal bowl or oatmeal preparation used for breakfast.

Jams, jellies, pudding, chocolates, muffins and ice creams can use raisins for flavour and sweetness.  Raisins can be used in dry fruit based ice cream or in chocolates ice creams too.  It can be a sweetening agent in various syrups too.

Sprinkling raisins over cookies or using raisins while preparation of cookies can add to the taste.  Sweet bread can be made using raisins and can be eaten plainly without additional jam or spread.


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