How to benefit from orange

org2 The fruit with a tangy flavour, orange, has a lingering taste and is a healthy fruit.  The health benefits of orange are umpteen, due to the presence of essential vitamins, minerals and sugar that aid in physical well being.

It contains vitamin B6, A and vitamin C in large quantities.  It also includes minerals like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and folic acid.  It has low level of cholesterol and fats, and does not add up too many calories on consumption.

A glass of orange juice along with breakfast adds to nutrition.  It can also be consumed during afternoon time for refreshment and energy.  A cocktail of orange juice combined with pomegranate juice or watermelon juice or carrot juice also makes for a tasty and nourishing drink.

Oranges can also be consumed directly as a snacking option.  It can also be used in fruit salads and making toffee, chocolates or biscuits.  Orange ice cream or muffins are also delicious desert options.

The fruit is known to have properties that help in prevention of asthma, respiratory disorders, kidney stone and diabetes.  It also acts as an anti oxidant and helps in reducing the risk of heart disease.  It improves the supply of oxygen in the body and brain, and helps in improving memory power.  It keeps the blood pressure under control too.

Orange is rich in water.  Consuming orange in summer is helpful, as the body gets dehydrated due to loss of water.  Orange also is a source of energy, due to presence of sugar.

It is rich in dietary fibre and helps in digestion.  It is a popular fruit used as a remedy for constipation.

Orange is also used for its fragrance in talcum powders, and bath and body work products.  It is also used in facial masks and peel off masks for its cleansing and anti ageing properties.


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