How to Benefit from Mobile Phones

mobilephones2 Mobile phones offer lot of benefits. The simple use of a mobile phone is to make calls to friends, relatives and others. It is highly useful during travel. You can use mobile phones to conduct business efficiently.

You need a basic mobile phone to just make a call or to receive a call. Mobile operators such as Rcom, Idea, Airtel, Aircel, BSNL and MTNL are offering mobile services in India. They are also offering cheaper handsets.

The call rates vary from operator to operator. Choose the operator that offer lowest tariff. Some of the operators such as Airtel in India are very punctual and correct in billing.

You can choose either postpaid or prepaid mobile connection depending on your requirement.

You can utilize advanced mobile phones for business. You can trade stocks on the move. You need to select a stockbroker, who offers mobile trading. Currently Reliance Money in India is offering stock trading through mobile phone. You can create a market watch to view quotes of five stocks on a mobile. In order to utilize this opportunity, you need to buy a phone with large screen size and GPRS facility. The mobile phone providers such as Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia and LG are offering latest mobile phones suitable for stock trading.

You can use mobile phones to send and receive an email on the move. You can also read email attachments in word, excel and pdf formats with latest high-end handsets.

You can browse Internet on your mobile. You need to have a GPRS enabled handset. Airtel, Rcom and Idea in India are offering GPRS facility. You need to pay Rs 1500 for one year GPRS facility (postpaid scheme) for Airtel connection. Airtel charges Rs 250 for one-month GPRS facility (postpaid) and Rs 900 for six months. Contact the nearest Airtel office or its dealer for more details about GPRS facility. Airtel charges higher amount for GPRS facility on prepaid mobile phones.

You can browse Internet on your laptop or desktop computer with GPRS enabled handset. The GPRS handset is connected to the Laptop or desktop either through a USB cable or Bluetooth option. You can conduct business on the move using a laptop and GPRS enabled handset.

You can use mobile phone to send money to friends and relatives. You can also view bank balance on mobile phone. Choose the handset that meets your requirements.


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