How to benefit from lemon

hbl Lemon is very healthy as it has plenty of vitamins and minerals that add to the physical well being.  It has many healing properties and is a cheap and effective home remedy option for various ailments. 

Apart from the health benefits, it also used in beauty treatments, especially for hair and face care.

Lemon is rich in vitamin C and B.  It also contains minerals like calcium and phosphorus, and is rich in proteins.  It is low in fat, sugar and cholesterol, and does not add up too many calories on consumption.

Lemon is extensively used in many food preparations for taste and flavour.  It is also a healthy and natural substitute to salt.  Lemon juice is also a very popular and refreshing drink, and is available throughout the year.  Lemon juice can be very refreshing and energizing especially during afternoon time or during summer season.

A cocktail of lemon juice with ginger or honey is also a delicious and tasty drink.  The juice is also a remedy for providing relief from sore throat, chest congestion and common cold.  A glass of warm water mixed with lemon, ginger and honey consumed early in the morning, on empty stomach, is also an effective way to keep your weight under control.

Lemon is rich in fibre and aids the process of digestion.  It can also provide relief in case of constipation.  It is known to have qualities to prevent diabetes too.

Smelling lemon leaves or a freshly cut slice of lemon can help in preventing the vomiting sensation while travelling.  It can also provide relief from early morning sickness.  Lemon can be useful in preventing heartburn/acidity too.

It has properties to purify the body, as it flushes out the toxins.

It can be a good remedy for face care, especially in case of acne treatment.  Lemon juice applied to the face or added to face packs can help in reducing the oiliness, cleaning the pores and cleansing the skin.  It also works wonders for the hair, and is a part of shampoos and hair oil.  It makes the hair shiny and lustrous.


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