How to Benefit from Lemon and Dates

lda One of the most amazing as well as nutritious fruits in the whole planet is date. A lemon too is a very important citrus fruit, which is well known for its various uses and health benefits. If you wish to discover how to benefit from lemon and dates then you can read on to find more.

Benefits of Lemon

The citrus fruit known as lemon is something that you can enjoy with your meals everyday. Lemon has a high content of Vitamin C, which is good for the absorption of minerals such calcium and iron. Thus, it is helpful in preventing teeth decay and scurvy. This wonderful diuretic relieves the problem of arthritis and increases body’s resistance.

Benefits of Dates

The rich and sweet taste of date and its chewy texture makes it a very popular fruit. Thus, people often refer to it as candy and it is a favorite of kids. Dates are delicious even when they are dry or fresh. You can eat them as you want. Dried dates can be stored for a long time and they are used in many sweet dishes.

Dates and General Health

Dates are very good for curing a problem like constipation. You can easily relieve the problem by having dates as they are known for their laxative effect because of their good content of fiber. If your children are sensitive to milk then you can feed them a combination of milk and date water since this mixture helps in digesting milk.

Certain types of bacteria, which thrive in the intestine of human beings is good for health and dates aid in establishing these bacteria. They fruits can also control the growth of different pathological organisms that cause disease. Dates have good calories in them and thus they are excellent for providing energy to sportsmen and others who work hard and take part in physical exercises.


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