How to Benefit from Laptop

lpt Laptop is a portable computer. You can carry it anywhere you need. It can perform all the functions of a conventional desktop computer.

How to select a Good Laptop

Many varieties of laptops are available in the market today. Selecting a suitable laptop depends on your requirements. The latest laptops are available with more storage capacity and dual core CPUs.

Dual core CPUs performs the tasks much faster than earlier versions. The Dual Core CPUs consist of 2 processors in one CPU. Hence, the processing time can be reduced to half. There are two types of dual core CPUs – Pentium Dual core and Core 2 Dual Core. Core 2 Dual Core is expected to offer high performance.

The latest laptops are available with storage capacities in excess of 160 GB.

Additional features you need to check prior to purchase

RAM: 1 GB, 2 GB or More

USB: 2 or More

Card Reader

DVD Writer

Bluetooth: Built-in module

Web Cam



Ethernet port

Screen size: 14” or 15”

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are important to surf Internet on the way. Bluetooth allows you to browse the net using GPRS enabled handset. You can browse net where hotspots are available. Laptops without DVD writer and with Intel Atom processor are available at lower prices when compared with laptops with DVD writer and Dual core CPUs.

Make sure that you get the laptop with all the software updates and software CDs that come along with them.

Laptop Brands in the Market

Several companies are offering laptops. Prominent companies engaged in selling laptops include Dell, Samsung, Acer and HP. Laptops without DVD and with Intel Atom processor are available in the price range of Rs 18000 to Rs 22000. Laptops with DVD writer and Core 2 duo processor are available from Rs 32,000 onwards.

Advantages in using Laptop

You can find numerous advantages in using laptop. You can prepare product demos and present to the customer or at business meetings/seminars.

Laptops can be used for educational purposes. You can use time intervals to complete your important work. You can trade stocks on the go by establishing Internet connection with GPRS enabled handset or plugging in USB modem or data card.

Airtel, Idea Cellular and Reliance are offering USB modem and data cards. You can select the plan suitable for your usage.


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