How to benefit from honey

hny Honey is naturally rich in various minerals and vitamins, and has umpteen health benefits.  Some of the minerals it includes are calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, potassium and manganese.  It is abundant in vitamin B6, and also contains amino acids.

Honey is low in cholesterol and sodium.  It contains natural sugar like glucose and fructose that energize the body, provide strength and prevent exhaustion and lethargy.  It also acts as an anti oxidant.  In addition, honey can be used as a home remedy option for many common ailments.  It is also useful for face care and beauty.

Drinking a glass of honey mixed with warm water early in the morning, on empty stomach is known to have many health benefits.  It prevents congestion of throat, prevents cold, provides relief from cold, heals minor cuts or bruises and boosts the immune system.  It also helps in reducing weight, as it is free of cholesterol and fat.

Adding drops of lemon juice to the honey-water mixture is even more beneficial.  It is also a refreshing drink.  Having it during afternoon can be rejuvenating, and can help you to recover the energy lost and overcome the feeling of tiredness.  The natural sugars instantly energize the body.

Since honey has so many health benefits, you can use it as a natural sweetening agent rather than sugar, wherever possible.  For example, when you make an oatmeal (using milk) use can add honey to make it sweet rather than adding sugar.  You can also use honey in preparation of muffins.

Honey also aids the digestion process, and drinking a glass of honey mixed in warm water can provide relief in case of constipation.

Honey works wonders for the skin too.  It is part of various face packs and beauty solutions.  It helps to cleanse the skin, remove dirt, moisturize it and makes the skin smooth and soft.  It also adds glow to the skin and makes the skin appear fresh and vibrant.  Honey is also known to have anti ageing properties.


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