How to Benefit from Green Gram

grams Green Gram is being cultivated as a third crop in India. Phasleolus aureus is the botanical name for Green Gram. It is called Mung in India. Green Gram plant is an Indian plant. It was later cultivated in Java, Indo-China and Southern China. Of late, it is also being cultivated in the West Indies, Central and East Africa and the US.

Indians used to prepare daal after splitting them. It is highly nutritious. The sprouted mung beans are rich in nutrients.

Green Gram’s Curative Properties

Green Gram is used to make daal, which is a nice food for sick people. It should be given regularly to children to help their growth. It also helps pregnant woman to stay in good health. The persons recovered from severe illness should be a given a soup made using green gram.

You should apply green gram powder to get relieved from heat.

Good for Fever

Soak green grams in water. The water is a good medicine for small pox, measles, typhoid and cholera apart from other varieties of fever. Small quantity of water can be given to a person suffering from severe appendicitis.

Green Gram for Beauty

It can be used as an alternative for soap for bath purpose. It has excellent detergent properties. You don’t get any skin irritation from its use. It cleans the dirt from our body effectively better than soap. Indians uses green gram paste during festivals for bathing purpose. It can be used regularly in place of soap for bath. Green Gram paste and black gram flour can be mixed to wash our hair. It helps to eliminate dandruff apart from lengthening hair.

Other uses of Green gram

Daal is made after heating and splitting the dried beans. The splitted beans are grinded. The seed coat is removed. The flour is ideal for use in Chinese and Indian dishes.


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