How to benefit from ginger

gin Ginger is known to have lot of beneficial and healing properties.  It can be used as a home remedy option for various common ailments.  Ginger has been used as a part of ayurvedic preparations, potions and pills.

Using ginger is also an organic and natural way to cure ailments and diseases.  It can be very handy in case you forget to carry your medicines or do not find medical facilities for treating small ailments.

Ginger is known to be an effective remedy for sore throat.  Sipping a glass of warm water mixed with ginger juice provides immense relief.  Ginger is also a part of various chewable tablets or pills that are helpful in providing relief from irritating throat.  Ginger also helps in reducing congestion and provides relief from cold.

Mixing ginger juice and lemon juice is also a good option to make the drink tasty and healthy.  A juice of honey, ginger and lemon consumed early in the morning, on empty stomach, is known to help in weight control.

Ginger-lemon juice is also available in the market under various brand names.  The mixture added to chilled drinking water can be very refreshing and energizing during summer or afternoon time.

Smelling freshly mashed ginger or taking the ginger-lemon juice can also be help in dealing with motion sickness or nausea.  It is known to relieve gas and bloated feeling in the stomach too.  Ginger can aid the process of digestion and provide relief in case of constipation.

It is also helpful for women, as it reduces the acute pain or menstrual cramps some women experience.  Adding ginger to tea can provide relief.  It also makes for a refreshing and rejuvenating drink.  Ginger tea can also be useful for curing headaches.

Ginger is known to have qualities to fight cancer.  It is has low levels of cholesterol and sugar, and helps to keep the blood sugar level under control.  In addition, it reduces the risk of respiratory infections, and helps to avoid diabetes too.


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