How to benefit from garlic

garlic Garlic is a rich source of many minerals and vitamins.  It is an excellent source of minerals like potassium, phosphorous and calcium.  It also contains minerals like copper, iron, sulphur and zinc, though in small quantities. 

It is rich in vitamin C, and also is a source of vitamin B6, K, E, riboflavin and thiamin.  It contains water and also dietary fibre, proteins and carbohydrates.

It can be used as a home remedy option for many common ailments and also can help in preventing fatal health conditions.  It not only boosts the health, but can also help in face care, since it has anti ageing and anti wrinkle properties.

Garlic contains no cholesterol and does not add up too many calories on consumption.   It can help in keeping the blood sugar level under control and reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

It also is a good source of energy.  It is used in various food preparations, curry and gravy for taste and flavour.  Plain garlic bread spread with a thin layer of butter can be a rich breakfast or snacking option.  Garlic spread can also be used with brown or white bread and makes for a quick and tasty eating option.

Garlic powder can also be sprinkled over salted chips or wafers for taste.  Pickles can also be made out of garlic and can be used with curd rice.

Garlic acts as an anti oxidant.  It has anti bacterial properties and is therefore used in providing relief from cold and flu.  It helps in fighting bacteria and yeast infection.  It strengthens the body and helps in fighting various diseases and infections.  It improves resistance and boosts the immune system.

It prevents clotting of blood and can prevent stroke in the long run.

Garlic can also help in weight loss.  This can be done by making a paste of garlic and adding it to a solution of warm water and lemon juice.  Consuming this mixture early in the morning on empty stomach consistently will show positive results for weight loss.

Pain in the ear can also be relived by putting few drops of warm garlic oil.


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