How to Benefit from Dates

dates The dates are commonly known as kajur or chuara. It is a staple fruit of the Middle East countries and a powerhouse of energy and nutrients. The fruit is a great source of energy and can work wonders for skinny people to put on the desired weight.

Dates are loaded with good amount of phosphorus, iron and calcium apart from carotene, niacin and essential amino acids. Combination of milk with dates is an ideal healthy breakfast. The nutritive significance of dates is enhanced manifold if it is soaked in warm milk overnight. Its consumption in the morning is extremely healthy and specially benefiting   in winters. In summers, the milk shake with deseeded dates is a good thirst-quenching recipe.

Dates are found to be very effectual in curing various health problems. Fresh dates are helpful to treat iron deficiency and build up the hemoglobin levels in the body. It is very healthy for patients of tuberculosis and acts as restoratives in the convalescence period. It is very useful in relieving dry cough in the asthmatic patients. Dates are rich sources of fiber to counter constipation, if consumed with milk. Simultaneously, it is effective in relieving dysentery when consumed with yoghurt.

Diabetes patients can substitute sweet items with dates. Dates are very beneficial in preventing oedema, which is a malfunction of water retention in the body. Dried dates commonly called as chhuare are known to be an effective source of strengthening the respiratory tract, as it has the properties of diluting the phlegm and relieving from bronchial problems. Dried dates with milk can relieve of dryness in throat and a croaky voice. Dates are also extremely useful in curing urinary tract related problems such as urine leakage in elderly and bedwetting in kids.  It is also considered heat producing so the ideal intake is 5-6 dates at a time.


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