How to Benefit from Computer Networking

cn You can enjoy enormous benefits from networking of computers. Networking is simply an interconnection of several computers through a switch.

Advantages of computer networking

It allows sharing of information and resources.

It allows sharing of printers.

Allows sharing of Internet connection.

Local Area Network

The computers connected together in a work group or a building is called Local Area Network or LAN.

Wide Area Network

Several Local Area Networks located at various places can be connected together to form larger networks. Such networks are called Wide Area Networks (WANs).

It is possible to transmit large chunks of business or individual information at a fast pace between various LANs located at a distance at very low cost.

Prior to networking of computers, an employee has to copy the data to a pen drive or floppy disk and carry it to the Manager. The manager then copies the data to his computer. Networking eliminates all of this physical work and saves time.

Hence, several employees can share numerous data through networked computers. Several employees can work with the same database without moving from their seats. Extranets and Intranets can be utilized to share and transfer corporate data between business partners and sites.

Sharing of Hardware

Networking allows sharing of hardware such as servers, printers and hard disks. Several computers connected through a switch can use a single printer. It helps to minimize the cost of hardware required for the business.

Sharing of Internet Access

You don’t need to buy Internet connection for each computer in your business. Just buy a single Internet connection, broadband modem and Ethernet Card. Connect the modem to the Ethernet card fitted in one of the computer in the network. Configure Internet access by entering username and password in the main computer of the network.

Set TCP/IP properties in the network connection to allow sharing of Internet access. Configure other computers in the network to get Internet Access through LAN. Now you are able to use a single Internet connection in all computers in the network.

You will be able to browse Internet in all the computers apart from sending and receiving emails. It is very helpful for people in the research field, banks, businesses and software firms.

You can also conduct video conferencing through networked computers.

You can install a firewall and antivirus software to prevent virus attack.

You can backup all the vital data from a single computer.

Network all the computers in your business and enjoy efficient operation at less cost.


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