How to Benefit from Cayenne Pepper

cpr Cayenne Pepper, a catalyst herb, is also called Capsicum. It is rich in minerals, carotenes, vitamins including vitamin C and vitamin E, zinc and cobalt. It is also rich in folic acids.

It is cultivated across the world. It has various names including bell pepper, chili pepper, green or red pepper. It can be used to treat many health problems.

It cures ulcers. It stimulates stomach’s protective mucus forming membranes. Nutritional values of capsicum include fats, provitamins B1, B3, B2P and E, Steroidal Alkaloidal Glycosides and proteins.

Mix a teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper with a cup of hot water. Drink this liquid to prevent progressing heart attack and save your life.

Mix Capsicum with parsley and garlic. Consume it to reduce blood pressure.
It helps to improve digestion besides soothing inflammation.

It is helpful to cure cold and fever.

It relieves gastrointestinal problems such as flatulence, colic, bleeding ulcers, dyspepsia and diarrhea. It also helps to reduce Shingles pain.

It is helpful for vascular headaches, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, gastric ulcers, menstrual complaints, kidney problems, impotence infections, respiratory conditions including pleurisy and asthma and thyroid dysfunction.

It has enormous healing powers. You can apply it directly on a wound. It helps to stop bleeding.

It also helps to prevent cardiovascular disorders and cancer. It safeguards the body from toxic and carcinogenic chemicals. It is helpful for mild depression and chronic fatigue.

It minimizes serum triglycerides and serum cholesterol considerably.

It is helpful for alcohol addicts. It minimizes blood vessel dilation and helps the person to overcome alcohol addiction.

Mix a small quantity of capsicum with water and gargle to prevent sore throat.

Mix plantain with capsicum and apply it externally to remove embedded foreign objects from the skin.

It is ideal for diabetics.

It also helps to prevent frostbite. Just sprinkle little capsicum in your shoes and socks.


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