How to benefit from cashew nut

cashew Cashew nut is a rich source of many minerals and vitamins.  It contains minerals like calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and zinc.  It also includes vitamin B, thiamin, riboflavin and niacin.  It includes proteins, carbohydrates and dietary fibre. 

It has no cholesterol and can help in controlling and reducing the cholesterol levels.  It also has anti oxidant properties and is beneficial in preventing cardio vascular problems and heart ailments in the long run.  Cashews also are known to have cancer-fighting abilities.

It also strengthens the body and builds muscles.  It can be useful for weak and undernourished people.  It adds to the strength of the muscles and is useful for sports persons and those indulging in heavy physical labour.

It also adds to the bone density.  It can be useful especially for women, as it helps to prevent and combat osteoporosis.  Cashew paste (mixed with warm milk and honey) can also be beneficial to growing children, as it is a good source of energy.

Adding cashew nut to diet can also help in digestion due to the presence of fibre.  It boosts the metabolism process and also helps in case of constipation.

Dried cashew nuts can be eaten directly or can be added to various food preparations for taste and nutrition.  They can also be used as table nuts and can be munched instead of indulging in deep fried fatty munchies like chips or wafers.  You can use salted cashews or roasted cashew.  They can also be used as an accompaniment to hard drinks.

Chopped cashews can be added to biscuits to make them more nutritious.  Cookies and muffins also can use cashews.  You can top salad dressings or large cakes with cashew nuts.  You can add cashews to spicy rice preparations so that eating cashews will reduce the pungent taste, and will also not affect the overall taste of the food.

Some chocolates also use dry fruits like cashew nuts, almonds, peanuts and raisins.  Ice creams also can be made using dry fruits like these.  Another option can be adding fine chips of cashews to vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream or chocolate mousse.

Similarly, it can be added to oatmeal or other cereal breakfasts.


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