How to benefit from aquatic exercises

aquatic Aquatic exercises like swimming, aquatic aerobics, stretching exercises in water etc have many health benefits.  Water is a major component of our body and helps in effective function of vital systems. 

Water flushes out the toxins from the body and keeps the mind and body fit.  External exposure to water itself has a calming and therapeutic effect on the body as well as the mind.  Water therapy or aquatic exercises can be a very good option of overall fitness and mental well being.

Water relieves the mind from stress and tension.  Therefore, a cold water bath during summer or a hot water bath during winter, after a tiring day at work provides immense and immediate relief, and calm the nerves.  A dip in the swimming has a similar effect of calming down the mind, resting the overworked mind and providing peace and comfort.

Swimming can also help you to be in excellent shape, as it evenly tones the body.  It can also be helpful for those who want to specifically tone the hip and thigh region.  It also prevents or provides relief from headache, strained eyes, exhaustion, body ache, stiffness of the neck or backache.

Water exercises help in faster loss of weight, as they burn more calories.  This is because of the pressure exerted by the water.  More muscle work and energy is used for exercising in the water, thereby using the excess fat deposits in the body.

These exercises also build stamina and muscle capacity.  It enables you to do physical work without feeling exhausted or tired easily.

It also does not create pressure on the joints as some of the exercises do.  Infact these exercises can help in exercising people with disabilities or leg injury, with certain precautions.

The exercises can also provide relief from cramps or muscle pain.  It can be followed by people of all age groups, like toddlers, teens, youngsters, adults and aged, with certain precautions.


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