How to Benefit from Amla

amla Amla, a naturally available tiny fruit, is rich in vitamin C. Amla is an Indian gooseberry. It revitalizes our body. Amla is rich in amino acids, minerals and nutritious content. Don’t take a vitamin C supplement instead eat one amla. The body easily absorbs vitamin C, which an excellent antioxidant, present in the fruit.

It helps to fight free radicals (unstable ions present in the body). Any one can consume amla as it is rich in fibre content and low in sugar. Consult your physician prior to taking amla regularly if you have any heart ailments. Amla helps the body in digesting minerals such as iron. Ginger is a good digestive agent, but it heats the body.

On the other hand, amla don’t heat the body. So, eat amla regularly for healthy digestive system and to become stronger. It improves immunity and protein metabolism. Daily intake of amla is highly useful if you do exercises everyday. Amla helps to reduce weight as it improves metabolism. It helps to cure seasonal cold and cough. It also helps to cure persistent respiratory problems such as sore throat and sinusitis.

Toxins would be deposited in your liver if you regularly take antibiotics, painkillers and alcohol. Intake of Amla helps to get rid of toxins and augments the body. It helps to purify/clean the blood. Amla is also good for skin.

Consume amla with neem to get rid of pimples. Amla also prevents early gray color of hair and nourishes the roots. Amla is used in commonly available hair care products such as oils and shampoos.

Amla strengthens the central nervous system of our body apart from helping to treat constipation.

Intake of Amla helps to reduce cholesterol, in addition to improving the respiratory system and lungs. It also improves vision. You need to consume with honey. It also helps to cure glaucoma.

Amla is a good and effective medicine for heart diseases. It heals bleeding gums. Amla is good for diabetes. It helps to relieve from seasonal infections and daily stress. It improves memory and fertility. It helps to minimize body heat.


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