How to benefit from amla (gooseberry)

gb Gooseberry/Amla is very healthy, as it has plenty of vitamins and minerals that boost the well being and functioning of the body.  It has many healing properties and is a cheap and effective home remedy option for various ailments.  Apart from the health benefits, it can also be useful for face and hair care.

Amla contains vitamin B, and is rich in vitamin C.  It also contains minerals like calcium, iron and phosphorus.  Amla has proteins, carbohydrates and dietary fiber too.  It is low in fat, sugar and cholesterol, and does not add up too many calories on consumption.

Amla is rich in water.  It has anti oxidants, and helps in flushing out toxins from the body.  It aids the process of digestion and can provide relief in case of constipation.  Amla boosts metabolism, helps in burning calories and is effective for weight loss and control.

It is known extensively for treatment and prevention of scurvy.  It is also known to have properties for strengthening lungs, the respiratory system and functioning of the nervous system.  Amla is also useful in improving and maintaining the eyesight.

Amla juice mixed with chilled water can be a cooling and refreshing drink during hot summer.  Amla can also be mixed with lemon juice or honey to make it tasty and delicious drink.  You can also makes pickles out of amla and use it with curd rice.

Amla also prevents bleeding of gums.  You can eat raw amla or make a paste of amla and eat it.  It helps in healing the sore gums and helps to strengthen it.  It is a part of various ayurvedic preparations, tablets and pills for providing relief from common ailments.

It is beneficial for face and hair care too.  Eating amla helps in purifying the skin and cleansing it.  It is very useful in treatment of acne.  You can boil amla, make a paste and add it your face pack occasionally, for a clear and healthy looking skin.

It is also an ingredient of shampoos or hair oil, as it strengthens the hair roots, prevents premature graying and gives a shiny appearance to the hair.


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