How to benefit by good handwriting

ghw Good handwriting conveys that a person is full of positive thoughts. Good handwriting also shows that the person is disciplined. Handwriting shows a variety of aspects of a person’s life. It is not without reason that children are taught to write in good handwriting.

By writing well curved and legible letters, the teachers are in effect trying to give the children a sound and uncluttered base in life. Even if they do not know anything about graphology, a good teacher will always press upon the need to write in clear, legible handwriting.

Eventually though, each person’s individual traits take over and even if all children practice writing on the same handwriting improvement books, they writing will end up with their distinct traits. This, in effect, is also the basis of handwriting analysis.

Handwriting analysis can be used in a variety of ways. Many recruitment agencies ask for a handwriting sample from candidates before they recruit people for a specific job. As writing is a very unconscious act, governed by the mind, it is almost impossible to forge it.

When writing impulsively, only your original writing will come through and thus, even your personality traits will be consequently displayed. Besides recruitment, handwriting analysis also proves crucial in solving cases of forgery.

It is for all these reasons that one should strive for neat and legible handwriting. Do no scribble up any mistake you have done by repeating strokes on the erred word and blackening it out. This shows a waste of emotions and undue dwelling upon mistakes, which translates into regret or guilt.

The best way to cancel out a mistake is to make a single horizontal slash over the erred word. Always remember to cross the Ts and dot the letter I. Those people who do not do this are usually seen to be in an unnecessary hurry even in real life situations. They may also have a weak will power.


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