How to Behave in the Theater

tet Theater etiquette is very important and you have to follow it if you want to enjoy a show and let others enjoy as well. Find out how to behave in the theater.

Before you reach the theater you have to keep certain things in mind. You should be very careful while buying your ticket. Choose the timing and date with care because not all tickets are exchangeable or refundable.

Dress Up for the Show

You need to dress up appropriately for a show. How you dress, depends on the performance that you are attending. The opening night of any performance is a very special event. Thus, you should dress in very formal attire, whenever you attend it. If you dress up well you will feel special.

Be There Early

During a live performance, the members of the audience are usually not allowed to enter if they are late since that tends to disturb the audience as well as the actors. Therefore, you should make it a point to be in the theater on time. The best thing that you can do is arrive 15 minutes early.

This will leave you with sufficient time to go through the program prior to the show’s commencement. If you read the program then you will know what to expect from the show. In this way you be able to enjoy the show in a better manner.

Be Careful With Your Cell Phone

After you arrive the usher will ask you to show the ticket. The usher will then take you to your seat. Make sure that you sit down quietly without causing any disturbance to others. You should always keep your cell phone on silent mode while you are in the theater. If your cell phone rings very loudly in the middle of the show then that can be very embarrassing. Keep these things in mind before visiting the theater for a show.


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