How to behave in a zoo

bhz Zoo is a place where we get to see animals that belong to the wilderness.  Animals have the first right to safety in the zoo, as it a place meant to specially house them and take care of them.  Despite the popular belief of humans as superior, we need to accept the superiority of animals in the zoo, over our own feeling of power and importance.

Keeping the zoo clean in the responsibility of visitors.  Do not bring in paper packets, plastic covers, bottles etc into the zoo.  If you do carry these items, make sure that you do not leave it lying around at the zoo.  Do not feed paper, plastic covers to the animals to see how they react.  Do not throw covers or bottles into their cage.

Do not disturb the animals when they are resting.  Do not distract them by making strange noises or actions.  Refrain doing so especially when they are having food.  Do not intimidate them by making grunting or roaring noises.  Do not scream, shout or play loud music to catch their attention.

Do not venture too near to their cage and do not step into the pool or pond where aquatic animals are housed.  This may provoke them to attack you.  Do not crowd near the cages and try to bring their attention to you.  Let animals live peacefully in their habitat.

Do not click pictures if the zoo authorities have specially prohibited it.  Do not sneak in digital cameras and record animals.  Animals do notice these things and get threatened by such unusual acts.

Younger animals are gullible and may be easily influenced by your offer of food or strange objects.  Be especially careful to not feed inconsumable or prohibited items to them, as they may choke on it and die.

Stop children or other people from misbehaving, or bring it to the notice of zoo authorities to prevent any untoward incident.


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