How to behave during group discussion

groupdiscussion Group discussion could be a part of recruitment for jobs or for higher studies.  Group discussion not only tests your knowledge but also your reaction to various views, manner in which you receive different ideas and opinion, and your behaviour in a group. 

Now a days, a lot of importance is given to team work and therefore your compatibility in a team is important.  A group discussion just gives a clue about how you will behave when you are inducted into a larger group of people or an organization.

Neither get overshadowed by the group nor try to rule the group.  You need to strike just the right balance of communicating your point of view and also being receptive to the points of view of the others in the group.

Though it is considered that the person who begins the discussion has leadership qualities, you do not have to be aggressive to get into that position.  Remember that your own opinion, whenever stated during the discussion will have its own weightage.  So do not get disappointed if you are not able to begin the discussion.  At the same time, if you sense everyone hesitating to begin, take the leap and lead them.

Do not hold very extremist views on any topic.  Do not believe yourself to be absolutely correct and a fully aware person.  Get your facts right before speaking.  Do not counter an opinion unless you are sure of the facts.  Also, have a polite manner when you choose to differ from the other person’s point of view.

Do not get aggressive and defensive if views contrary to yours are aired.  Respect their point of view but stand up for what you believe in too.  Do not cut others when they are speaking or interrupt the conversation in a strong manner.

Have a positive body language.  Nod if you find that another group member is making a relevant point.  Take an interest in what others are saying.  Do not block out what others in the group are saying because you have had your say and are relieved.


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