How to begin with filing a Patent?

patent Patent is a collection of rights conferred upon an organization, institute or an enterprise for coming up with a novel idea or invention. These exclusive rights are granted by respective government authorities of the state to the inventor for a specified time period for using their new invention.

Patent right safeguards the interests of the patentee by way of restricting the right of using, buying, making, selling or reproducing the innovative product, service, procedure or device to the patentee itself. Any individual or organization using the novel idea or concept without the permission of its creator is liable to be legally prosecuted.

Procedure to file a patent is quite simple. Formalities for filing patent may vary from one country to another. In general, the process usually begins with the application for a patent. Prior to application the patentee must furnish the necessary documents defining claims for a new invention or concept that can be put to industrial use or mass scale production.

Step 1 – Ascertain if your novel inventor or idea falls under the purview of patent protection. You can get first hand information using the database maintained by the respective patent authority of the state.

Step 2 – Draft a written application furnishing information in requisite subparts as instructed by trademark or patent authority. The application should contain unique details which set your newly developed concept, device or procedure apart from the rest.

Step3 – Prepare a written application for patent outlining the structural framework, operation, attributes, specialized qualities that make it eligible for patent right. The written format is to be strictly adhered to the number of paragraphs along with subdivisions as per the guidelines laid down by the competent patent issuing authority of the state.

Step4 – Include sketches, drawings on separate sheets of paper to conform the textual information furnished in the application. This would make the application all the more relevant.

Step 5 – Submit the application form as well as the sketches along with the necessary fees as specified.

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