How To Become Sober

sgi2 Stop drinking

The above command may be easily read than done, right? But the fact is that sobriety and alcoholism don’t go hand in hand. If you banish alcohol from your sights and smell, then half the journey to that elusive sober-land will have been traveled.

Being realistic about exciting things is of paramount importance. Try to find out a little about you. Do your really get excited with alcohol? Or is it something that you have fooled yourself into believing?

Mow the mood

You need to cut out your mood meter wires, and not let mood get in the way you live your life. Moodiness is often an excuse for sopping up alcohol like there’s no tomorrow. Your mood is but a manufacture of your mind, and your mind is a manufacture of you.

Try to create a filter in your mind, which prevents you from remembering things that caw for mood lifters. Question your values and belief system. Do you want to embrace life? Do you understand life? What other things can you do to give you happiness?


Consider checking into rehab to get into good habits. Rehabs have controlled environments and a lot of other supervision that will help you sober up. Rehabs provide the perfect environment to induce externally forced self-control.

Even if you want, there will be no way to get a drink or two. You will be like a term deposit at the rehab center, that will allow you out, only when you reach a safe level of abstinence.


If you have had a trail of booze binging behind you, then you will need to detoxify. Your body would have taken the negative effects of excessive alcohol drinking all these years, and you will need to cleanse it, before your voyage to sobriety.

Try to eat a lot of fruits. Take in a lot of honey-based products or honey itself. Research has shown that fructose found in honey and ripe fruits conditions the body to become sober. Try to drink fruit juices. Take two cups of tea everyday. Drink lots of water, as alcohol dehydrates the body. Getting plenty of sleep (without the alcohol).


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