How to become famous

famous Fame is a prized possession that intoxicates the consciousness of millions of people. Humans have the innate tendency to seek recognition and reward. In their quest for identity, they also want to be identified at something. They want to stand out of the crowd. Each personality is different, and everyone have his or her own reasons for fame.

But recognition, reverence, respect and reward are not easy things to achieve. They are perched high up on the mountains of fortune and falter. They will have to be climbed and ascended with unconquerable zeal and unwavering vision.

There are famous people in all fields like artists, chefs, doctors, athletes, and politicians. All these people have successfully plied on their chosen path with focus and dedication.

So how does become famous? We need to remember that there is no guaranteed path to fame, but there are definitely ways to go about. Here are some of those.

Being the best

Choose an area of expertise you are good at and try to excel in it. Be the best in your company, society, locality, country, and the world. Be world-class and then eventually graduate to become a world-beater.

Do something unique

Start of with some research on things that have not been done or tried before. Spend time thinking on your areas of strength. See if there are possibilities to use your area of strength to create an impact that will stun the world. Refer Guinness Book of World Records, and find out things that the world record holders have done.

Being different

Are you naturally radical? Do you have it in you to walk the unconventional path of non-conformity? If yes, then go about doing it. Remember not to become infamous in the process of getting famous!

Right place, right time

Fortune favors the brave; fortune also favors the busy. Successful people are too busy to be even thinking of success. Also, meeting people and going to places will increase your chances to get lucky. Research has shown that people who go out and meet people get wider perspectives and better ideas. They are also more likely to get noticed by people, thereby increasing their chances for grabing opportunities.


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