How to Become a Movie Director

md Director is often hailed as the captain of the ship. So it’s quite obvious that from a film’s initiation to its release, a director is the busiest of all. He/she has to go through every minute details of a prospective project and find out ways in making a masterpiece.

That’s where an aptitude to get it done comes in handy. And having a sound knowledge of the art of filmmaking can do wonders in making a potentially viable film into a commercially viable one. We will deal with a few must dos to become a good director, which can go a long way in making an ordinary script look larger than life on screen.

Keys to become a director

1.    Knowing the practical details of the filmmaking is a must for every aspiring directors, enroll yourself into a film school which can give you a hands-on experience on the basics of the art. And since you also get the chance to direct a film under the curriculum, you get an insight as to whether you have that in you to become a proficient director.

2.    Once you are done with your training bit, assist some reknowned director of the film fraternity. This will not only help you give a professional exposure but also a reality check on how actually a film industry works.

3.    Don’t expect to crack the nut in your first attempt itself. Begin with advertisements or TV serials or music videos. It will acquaint you with the day-to-day life of a director even if the scale is small.

4.    As you assist, keep making inroads into the industry by being friendly with everyone on the sets. You never know who can become the saviour of your career and get you your first break.

5.    Try to make an independent film and get it circulated in various film festivals. If you click, you would get noticed by one and all. You may end up bagging a plum offer with a big production house!

6.    Meanwhile, keep a few scripts ready for narration as a call can be expected any time. And if at that position, you scout for a perfect story, you might lose the opportunity. So keep yourself ready.

Director must have a vision. Without a vision and determination, directing a film won’t be possible for anyone. The competition is steep so you will have to gear up to face any extreme situation enroute to your dream.


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