How to Become a Leading Lawyer

lawyer1 The common question in the minds of students is “How do I get a Law Degree to become a leading lawyer and earn respectable income”. Prior to taking the test to be eligible to practice law, one must complete a four years in college and three years in law school. The procedure to become a lawyer is given below in simple steps:

1. A minimum of 4 years bachelors’ degree is required, no matter what major you choose. You need to get good GPA in your school as it decides the entry to law school.

2. Appear for half-day test – LSAT (Law School Admission Test), which decides your ability to perform in law school. It is similar to exams including SAT and ACT, though it is tailored for the Law degree. LSAT consists of essay questions as well as multiple-choice questions. The students, who are serious to study Law, can buy study materials and go for practice tests. They could also go for LSAT preparation courses.

3. Your application will be considered for Law school if you get good LSAT score and GPA. Some schools fix a minimum LSAT score and GPA to consider their application.

4. The students, who attend a regular course, could complete the course in three years whereas those doing in part-time would take more time. The exam paper for law would mostly consist of essay questions. The students should understand the format in which they need to answer. They should be able to answer the questions in a specified manner splitting the information so that the professor can detect the important phrases and words during scanning. The students, who are successful in identifying and answering the questions correctly, would be on law review.

5. You need to prepare for bar exam, though you have studied three-year law course. In fact, your three-year law course might groom you for bar review time of few weeks. The students are advised to go for bar review course to see that they revise everything. This small investment will allow you to pass the bar in the first attempt.

6. Bar exams are different for each state. Hence, you need to appear for bar exam for the respective state in which you want to practice. Bar exam tests generally comprise MPT (Multistate Bar Performance Test) and MPRE (Multistate professional Responsibility Examination). Though protocols may vary from state to state, most of the states use exam materials of the National Council of Bar Examiners.

7. After completing the Bar exam the students are subjected to Fitness and Character evaluation test. They should pass that test carried out usually by the National Council of Bar Examiners. The test evaluates the ethics of lawyers. The investigation verifies your credit reports, traffic tickets and medical records. On competing all the above steps, the lawyers are eligible to embark on legal career and become leading lawyers depending on their ability.


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